Assemblyman Calls on Legislature to Act to Prevent MTA Cuts

Assemblyman Benedetto believes that action can prevent dire service cuts

Bronx – Assemblyman Michael R. Benedetto implored his Assembly and Senate colleagues to take decisive action to avoid MTA service cuts by finding permanent reliable revenue sources for the public authority.

In response to the economic recession and growing budget deficit the MTA has proposed a series of cuts, including the elimination of student passes and bus routes. The adoption of these cuts will create a severe burden for millions of New Yorkers who rely on public transportation.

“I understand that in difficult economic circumstances difficult choices have to be made, but these choices should not be made exclusively at the expense of working- and middle-class families,” said Assemblyman Benedetto.

In order to address the long-term health of the MTA, Assemblyman Benedetto has proposed the creation of a permanent funding stream. “In the past I have supported several possible solutions to developing a funding stream for the MTA which would put the authority on solid financial ground so that our communities are not harassed yearly with threats to these basic services,” said the Assemblyman. “I believe that we have an obligation as responsible legislators to fully fund the MTA,” said Assemblyman Benedetto.

Assemblyman Benedetto stressed that safe, efficient and affordable public transportation is vital to the future prosperity of our City and State. “Our buses and trains move our City and they make our City and our communities rely on these efficient services.”