Benedetto Restores State Funding for Senior Services

Calls on Bloomberg Administration to reverse closure of senior centers in Co-op City

Bronx – Assemblyman Michael R. Benedetto announced today that after a hard fought fight the State Assembly was able to restore full funding for senior citizen programs.

“In the June 7 budget extender bill we voted to keep the State government operating, and more importantly we were successful in restoring all funding that usually goes to senior citizen programs,” said Assemblyman Benedetto.

Having passed a budget that fully funds senior citizen programs, Assemblyman Benedetto is calling upon Mayor Michael Bloomberg to rescind his decision to close two of three senior centers in Co-op City.

“With the budget extender that we passed last week, I see no need for the Bloomberg administration to close any senior centers in the Co-op community,” Benedetto asserted.

“We have done our job in the State Assembly to fully fund the services that our seniors depend upon, it is time for the Bloomberg administration to do its job and find other less draconian means to close its budget deficit,” Benedetto concluded.