Assemblyman Benedetto’s Veterans Unemployment Act to be Signed into Law

Assemblyman Michael R. Benedetto’s (D-82) common sense veterans’ jobs bill, the Veterans Unemployment Act (A.7761) will be signed into law by Governor Cuomo.

“I want to thank Governor Cuomo for signing my bill and for helping all of the unemployed veterans in the state of New York, Assemblyman Benedetto said. “The governor has seen the wisdom of my legislation and the benefits that it will provide for the many veterans who have been looking for too long a time for meaningful employment.

Last May, Assemblyman Benedetto discovered that New York State spends approximately $80 million per year to hire part-time temporary workers, to fill various positions at New York agencies.

To fill these staffing needs the state contracts “temp agencies”. “It seemed logical to me that these many part-time temporary positions could be filled by our many out-of-work veterans, thus came the impetuous for the bill,” Assemblyman Benedetto explained.

Under the new law, New York will reach out to unemployed veterans who would be interested in serving in part-time positions. The state would be required to compile a list of these veterans and they will be given first chance at these jobs.

“I thought is was a common-sense approach to solve a problem that we have with our veterans, that’s why the bill was crafted, and I believe the governor saw the logic in that approach,” said Assemblyman Benedetto. “I hope the bill is fully executed as soon as possible so that our deserving vets can reap the benefits.”

According to U.S. Department of Labor there are approximately 90,000 veterans looking for work in NY.