Benedetto Begins Drive to Bring Back Barnes & Noble

Calls for volunteers – Plans borough-wide campaign

Assemblyman Michael Benedetto, as he promised two months ago, is launching an effort to ensure that Barnes & Noble returns to the Bronx and, in particular, to Bay Plaza Mall. “When Barnes & Noble made its decision to leave the Bronx I vowed that we would hold them to their commitment to return within 24 to 36 months,” stated Assemblyman Benedetto. “We are going to pursue a coordinated, borough-wide letter writing campaign to remind Barnes & Noble about its promise to return to the Bronx.”

The campaign, which will be organized by Assemblyman Benedetto’s East Tremont office by his legislative aide Joshua Adams, will elicit the support of all his Assembly colleagues to send Barnes & Noble the message.

The campaign will enlist community organizations, schools, tenant associations and any other interested parties from around the Bronx to send letters to the bookseller’s main office. The letters will detail the importance that Barnes & Noble means to the Bronx and its residents and reinforce the company’s promise to return.

Under Benedetto’s plan, each month a different section of the Bronx, by Assembly district, will be designated to submit letters beginning in April with the Assemblyman’s’ own district (Co-op City, Throggs Neck, Pelham Bay, City Island). The next month will be Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj’s district (Morris Park, Pelham Parkway and Norwood) and each month thereafter another district will pick up the mantle and do its part.

“This way, the entire Bronx will present a united effort,” he concluded, adding, “Every month letters will be finding their way to Barnes & Noble’s main office and, hopefully, this collaboration will result in a new Barnes & Noble for the Bronx.”

Volunteers who wish to join this effort should call Joshua Adams at (718) 892-2235.