State Leaders & Lockport Mayor Announce Plans to Improve N. Adam Street Bridge

State Senator Robert G. Ortt, Assemblyman Michael J. Norris, and Lockport Mayor Michelle Roman announced preliminary measures to improve the dilapidated condition of the N. Adam Street Bridge in Lowertown.

State and local officials have been working collaboratively, urging the New York State Canal Corporation and New York State Department of Transportation for several years now to take action to address the deplorable condition of the N. Adam Street bridge which has been an eyesore in Lowertown for over a decade.

The New York State Department of Transportation will be making the following improvements, as early as this Fall, in a first step to beautify the approaches of the Bridge. 

The Van Buren Street Side of the bridge:

  1. Remove existing pavement roughly 10-15 feet from the existing edge of pavement
  2. Place topsoil and seed in the removal area to blend Adam Street into the adjacent areas
  3. Install a double arrow sign in the newly established grass area
  4. Remove existing bridge signs on Adam Street

The Market Street side:

  1. Remove existing pavement sidewalk and curb at the foot of the bridge
  2. Install new vertical based curb across Adam Street opening
  3. Realign the pedestrian walkway
  4. Connect existing Eastern side of pedestrian path to existing handicap cross ramps
  5. Topsoil in seed current dilapidated street area
  6. Install double arrow sign in newly established grassy right of way
  7. Remove the existing bridge signs located on Adam Street

Senator Ortt, Assemblyman Norris and Mayor Roman emphasis that this is a preliminary step in a long-term vision to re-imagine the historic lift bridge which remains a central point to Lockport and Lowertown’s tourism industry and history. 

Senator Robert Ortt said, “For years, my office has worked in coordination with state and local partners to help improve the safety and appearance of various bridges throughout the City of Lockport. The bridges are key historical and cultural landmarks to our city. Residents, businesses, and tourists deserve long-term action on these important infrastructure projects so that these bridges remain a key focal point in the history of Lockport and the Erie Canal. I look forward to the swift completion of the N. Adam Street Bridge.”

“Since taking office, this has been a very important issue to me as a citizen of Lockport. Like so many, I walk the Canal path and have seen the bridge in a deplorable condition for way too long.This has a negative impact on our tourism industry and surrounding neighborhoods.I am pleased to have worked with Senator Ortt, Mayor Roman, and agency officials to begin the process of beautifying the approaches and we are committed to continuing to push for a multi-phase long term approach to restore the bridge in some capacity for pedestrian and tourist use,” Assemblyman Norris said.

Lockport Mayor Michelle Roman said “The North Adam Street Bridge has been an eyesore in the neighborhood for far too long and Assemblyman Norris and I have been working diligently to advocate for this improvement.We are pleased that the Canal Corporation and Department of Transportation are working with us to make improving the bridge and its surrounding areas a priority.We look forward to working with all our State partners to continue to improve this area in the future.”