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Women of Distinction for 2012

Assemblyman Michael Montesano - Our Voice. Our Neighbor. Our Assemblyman.

Hurricane Irene Brings Out The Best In Leadership, Worst In LIPA

In the wake of Hurricane Irene's path of disaster, Long Islanders have risen to the occasion to stand together, help each other out, and represent the true community spirit of our region. As a local resident, it is truly inspiring to see neighbors stand...

Assemblyman Michael Montesano is Challenging Albany and Long Islanders to Keep NY Moving Forward!

Big Gains For New York State This Session, But More To Be Done

With the end of the 2011 legislative session, the New York State Legislature has made some historic steps toward improving the lives of taxpayers. The session started with an immense victory in an on-time state budget that closed a $10 billion deficit...

Standing Up for Long Island

State’s Mapping Program New Weapon In Cancer Fight

Last week, I attended a demonstration of New York’s latest weapons system. The event showcased an effective new tool against one of the planet’s deadliest threats. It looks as if this enemy is committed to a long war against us, but thanks to...

Raising taxes is like forcing a square peg into a round hole.

Putting Taxpayers First

Enacting A Budget That Deals With NY’s Debt

How bankrupt would you rather be: a lot or a little? If this seems like a distinction without a difference, you’re right. But New York’s political leadership could use a reminder. As we approach the April 1 state budget deadline, not enough...

Bringing Back The Bull Moose Spirit To Albany

Mornings on horseback, evenings at the yacht club: Theodore Roosevelt’s was destined to be a charmed life of idle wealth and unlimited privilege. This Oyster Bay resident was born into the Manhattan upper crust of the mid-nineteenth century, a native...