Assembly Majority Avoiding Addressing Gov. Cuomo Scandals

Assemblyman Michael Montesano (R,C,I,LBT-Glen Head) is outraged at the Assembly Majority’s lack of action in stripping Gov. Cuomo of his emergency powers for the past three session days. Last week, a few Assembly Majority sought support on legislation to repeal the governor’s executive authority. As of this week, such legislation has yet to be even assigned a bill number.

Additionally, sexual harassment claims have recently been brought back into light with more detail against the governor.A former aide to the governor, Lindsey Boylan, provided more details to her claims of sexual harassment against the governor, stating the sharing of her story led more people to reach out to her with similar stories.

“How many more people must suffer at the hands of the governor before the rest of the state Legislature wakes up and does something about this bully,” said Montesano. “We have been back to Albany, in session for three days this week, and yet the topic of stripping the governor of his emergency powers, the first step in holding him accountable for his actions, has not been brought up. This is just more red tape that we have to fight through in order to help see the governor is brought to justice.

“Additionally, I think that another investigation into the governor’s sexual harassment accusations must be launched in order to fully address this matter. Sexual harassment is no joke and we must take it, and these claims, seriously. They should have been taken more seriously when Mrs. Boylan first shared part of her story last year. I am deeply disappointed in the lack of attention to these serious issues, but plan to continue fighting until something is done to get this bully held accountable for his horrific actions.”