Tannousis Wins Lawsuit Striking Down Non-Citizen Voting Law

A statement from Assemblyman Michael Tannousis (R,C-Staten Island, Brooklyn)

“This decision is a major win for democracy and election integrity in New York City,” said Tannousis. “The New York State constitution and the letter of the law could not be more clear—only citizens are permitted to vote in New York elections.

“As the son of immigrants that came to this country legally and worked tirelessly to become citizens, I consider voting to be a sacred right bestowed on American citizens. The idea that a person can move to New York City and register to vote after 30 days is preposterous and ripe for fraud.

“Political partisans tried to enact a law that was a blatant effort to skirt the constitution and manipulate our democratic process for personal and political gain. I am proud to have been a plaintiff on this lawsuit and I commend the court for reaching the right decision by striking down this terrible law. I will continue to fight for integrity and transparency in our electoral process.”