Tannousis Statement Regarding Methamphetamine Found at Ramada Inn Migrant Shelter

A Statement from Assemblyman Michael Tanoussis (R,C-Staten Island/Brooklyn)

“This specific incident is a prime example of the dangers of having policies in place that allow unvetted individuals to enter our nation through an unsecured border and be housed in our neighborhoods at the taxpayers’ expense. Before running for the Assembly, I served our community as an assistant district attorney. During that time, I prosecuted the infamous Ramada Inn murders that occurred inside this hotel. In that case, the hotel was being used as a homeless shelter. At the time of the incident, the defendant was visiting his girlfriend and her babies when he decided to stab them to death inside the hotel room. The security at this hotel was close to non-existent during that time. Apparently, the City of New York has not learned its lesson from that tragedy. The security precautions taken at these migrant shelters are either close to non-existent or are being carried out by unqualified individuals. Although the federal government needs to secure our border to prevent unvetted people from entering our nation, the City of New York needs to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our residents. To ensure proper safety, these migrant shelters should be removed from residential neighborhoods, period.”