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Assemblymember Wallace: Attorney General Investigation into Allegations Against Governor Must Continue

“The independent investigation by the New York Attorney General must continue and should be expanded to include the most recent allegations, including the deeply troubling allegations that the Cuomo administration intentionally omitted or changed...

Assemblymember Wallace Co-Sponsors Legislation to Revoke Governor’s COVID-19 Emergency Powers

“I strongly support and will co-sponsor legislation that will revoke the governor’s emergency powers. Last March, when COVID-19 cases were skyrocketing and so much was unknown, we needed state government to respond quickly to limit the spread...

Joint Statement on Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Governor Andrew Cuomo

Assemblymember Wallace: Safe Staffing and Other Reforms Needed to Protect Nursing Home Residents and Staff

Today, Assemblymember Monica P. Wallace (D-Lancaster) announced that she stands with frontline healthcare workers in calling for New York State to pass the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act. Since years before the COVID-19 pandemic, Assemblymember Wallace...

Assemblymember Wallace Calls for Allocating Portion of Mobile Sports Betting for Youth Sports and Recreation Programs

Today, Assemblymember Monica P. Wallace (D-Lancaster) called on her colleagues in the New York State Legislature and Governor Cuomo to amend their proposals for mobile sports betting to include dedicated funding for sports and youth recreation for families...

Assemblymember Wallace: Those Who Withheld Information from the Public Must be Held Accountable

“I was not on the call referenced in the media this week where a top aide to the Governor is alleged to have stated that she intentionally withheld data on the deaths of nursing home residents. I first learned of those allegations from media reports...
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