Assemblymember Wallace Passes Ethics Reforms, Holds Government Accountable to the People

Assemblymember Monica Wallace (D-Lancaster) announced that she helped pass critical ethics reform legislation in the Assembly. Wallace voted in favor of a bi-partisan bill to strip taxpayer-funded pensions from public officers convicted of corruption (A.1749) as well as a joint resolution aimed at preventing conflicts of interest with regard to legislators’ outside income (B.404/C.25).

“While there’s much more to be done, this is an important step forward in fighting government corruption,” said Wallace. “I ran for Assembly because I was outraged by the scandals and abuses that plagued Albany. It’s time New Yorkers are represented with the integrity they deserve.”

This is the second passage of the pension forfeiture bill was passed last year as well (A.10739-A of 2016). This passage now allows the proposal to be placed on the ballot this November. If voters approve the measure, it will become an amendment to the state constitution.

Wallace also supported a joint resolution requiring legislators earning more than $5,000 per year in outside income to seek a ruling from the independent Legislative Ethics Commission (LEC) confirming that their outside income does not conflict with their legislative duties. The resolution takes effect immediately, and current lawmakers will have 30 days to disclose information to the LEC.

In addition to these vital accountability reforms, Wallace added that she is pushing legislation to reduce the influence of big money in politics by closing the LLC loophole, so that deep-pocketed special interests cannot buy elections and silence the voices of the working class.

With a background in law and legal ethics, including working in the federal courts system and as a faculty member at the University at Buffalo Law School, Wallace came to Albany equipped with the knowledge and experience to fight corruption.

“I’m committed to holding myself and all public officials to the highest standards,” said Wallace. “I came here to fight for strong ethics reform, and I am determined to fulfill that promise.”