Assemblymember Wallace Honors Four Chaplains

Assemblymember Monica Wallace (D-Lancaster) announced that Feb. 3 has been proclaimed Four Chaplains Day in New York State thanks to a resolution she put forward in the Assembly. The day honors four heroes who lost their lives 74 years ago when the SS Dorchester sank in the North Atlantic after being torpedoed by a German submarine (K.105).

Four chaplains, all of different religious backgrounds, emerged as heroes during the tragedy. Lt. George L. Fox, Lt. Alexander D. Goode, Lt. John P. Washington and Lt. Clark V. Poling helped other soldiers into boats and gave up their own life jackets when the supply ran out. The chaplains were last seen joining arms and saying prayers as they went down with the ship. They were among 700 lives lost that day.

“These chaplains represent the best of humanity,” Wallace said. “Their selfless loyalty to their fellow soldiers is what makes our military and country outstanding. It is in their honor we proclaimed Feb. 3 as Four Chaplains Day.”

As a member of the Assembly Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Wallace is a strong voice for veterans across the state. Throughout the legislative session, she will continue to listen to and get results for those who honorably served our country.