Assemblymember Wallace’s Bill to Help Protect Seniors Becomes Law

Assemblymember Monica P. Wallace (D-Lancaster) announced that legislation she authored to help protect seniors with long-term managed care plans has been signed into law (Chapter 214 of 2017).

“Getting the assistance you need for day-to-day life shouldn’t open anyone up to exploitation, but it happens all too often,” said Wallace. “This law allows seniors to maintain their independence while having someone whose sole priority is protecting the health, safety, welfare, and human and civil rights of people living in nursing homes and adult care facilities.”

The new law extends the ombudsman program for residents of nursing homes and other assisted living facilities to continue advocating on behalf of seniors living at home under long-term managed care programs. The program was set to expire in December of this year. This legislation extends the program through 2019.

This measure is one of several that Wallace has worked on to protect seniors, combat elder abuse and prevent financial exploitation. In addition, she wants to make sure seniors know of the resources available to them. For more information on the ombudsman program, please contact 1-855-582-6769.

For seniors living in Cheektowaga, Lancaster, or Depew, please reach out to Assemblymember Wallace’s office at (716) 686-0080 for assistance in accessing available resources.