Assemblymember Wallace: Assembly Budget Proposal Makes Critical Investments in Local Infrastructure

Assemblymember Monica P. Wallace (D-Lancaster) announced that the Assembly’s 2018-19 state budget proposal includes vital infrastructure funding to fix potholes, rebuild roads and highways and make roads safer for motorists and businesses in Western New York.

“Potholes are a serious problem in Western New York, causing damage to vehicles and putting motorists at risk. The harsh winter weather only worsens the condition of our roads,” Wallace said. “The Assembly’s budget proposal continues our commitment to giving New Yorkers safe and reliable roadways to travel on without putting the burden on local taxpayers.”

The Assembly’s state budget proposal increases upstate transit spending by $16.8 million over the executive’s budget proposal, for a total of $221.5 million. The Assembly’s plan also increases funding for the Consolidated Highway Improvement Program (CHIPs) over last year’s state budget for a total of $519.9 million, including $100 million for the PAVE-NY program to help localities with reconstruction of highways and roads.

Studies have shown that government spending on infrastructure can help stimulate economic growth in both the short and long term by increasing demand and productivity.1

“Not only is this an investment in our region’s roads, this is an investment in our economy,” Wallace said. “Providing infrastructure funding can help to attract businesses, create jobs and grow our economy. This funding will play a vital role in our development as a region.”