Perry’s Bill Aims to Strike out Dishonesty in Sports

Honesty in Sports Act requires athletes to disclose any performance enhancing drug use

Brooklyn, NY – Assemblyman Nick Perry (D-East Flatbush, Canarsie), chair of the New York State Assembly Majority Conference, has introduced landmark legislation (A.7794) that would require all athletes who perform before a paying audience, certify with sworn affidavits that he or she has not used performance enhancement drugs during the preceding six month period.

Under Assemblyman Perry’s bill "performance enhancement drugs" would be those documented in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s current list of banned drugs. And while the bill does not directly ban the use of any substances on the list, or make it a crime to use any NCAA banned substances, athletes who fail to sign the disclosure affidavit will not be allowed to perform before a New York audience where a fee is charged for entry.

By compelling athletes to publicly disclose their use of steroids, Assembly Bill A.7794 removes the motivation and incentive which propels athletes into the use of performance enhancement substances. Steroid use is practiced behind closed doors, and is useful for the athlete only when such use can be kept a secret. Disclosure will tarnish the athlete’s image, leading to rejection by fans, in addition to consequences for his/her team.

"We must take legislative action to suppress this increasing and rampant use of steroids by athletes who we expect to be stars through their natural abilities. The ‘Honesty in Sports Act’ is a novel approach which will provide an effective deterrent when the athlete is forced to disclose any recent steroid use," said Assemblyman Perry.

"Substance abuse is destroying not only the physical health of our athletes, but the integrity of the sports in which they participate. The ‘Honesty in Sports Act’ will shine a bright light into the crevices and corners of locker rooms, and the offices of trainers and doctors who help make steroid use possible," Assemblyman Perry concluded. He hopes to push the "Honesty in Sports Act" through the Assembly this session and have it enacted into law.