Perry Says Marley Tribute Imprints Recognition of Caribbean Presence and Contribution in East Flatbush

Brooklyn, NY – Lauding the proposal to name Church Avenue after Jamaican Reggae Bob Marley as an act that imprints recognition of Caribbean presence and contribution in East Flatbush, Assemblyman Perry today announced his full support for the Community Board 17 initiative.

The Community Board 17 initiative passed at the January 18th general meeting. Signposts along the popular East Flatbush thoroughfare, from East 98th Street to Bedford Avenue, which runs right through the heart of the Flatbush community, which is comprised of an enclave of immigrants from the English-speaking Caribbean, will pay tribute to the cultural icon.

“The East Flatbush community is one that can identify and appreciate Bob Marley’s legacy. His music, his artistry as a legendary performer, and as the one who gave Reggae music its worldwide acceptance, he is a part of a heritage that is claimed by all Caribbean immigrants in Brooklyn,” said Assemblyman Perry. “As East Flatbush residents shop and travel on Church Avenue and see Bob Marley’s name on those signposts it will always remind them of the profound message of the lyrics of one of his more popular songs ‘One Love’ that in these times of violence and terrorism and abundance of guns in our streets, if we can get together and love

Assemblyman Perry, chair of the NY State Assembly Majority Conference, is of Jamaican birth and represents the 58th Assembly District which includes most of East Flatbush.