Perry Votes to Pass Legislation to Help Military Families

As a proud veteran of the US Army, Assemblyman N. Nick Perry is especially pleased to announce that the Assembly passed legislation to ease some of the hurdles facing military families (A.9216-A). The measure addresses school transfers that children with military parents face, college costs for veterans, burial assistance for families of veterans who die as a result of combat-related injuries and transfers of professional licenses for military family members, including those required for realtors.

“Our military personnel make great sacrifices to protect our safety and freedom, and so do their families,” said Assemblyman Perry. “This legislation helps support military families, making their frequent relocations as seamless as possible.”

The Assembly’s legislation – which also passed the Senate – would enact the Interstate Compact on Education Opportunities for Military Children. The compact would help ensure uniform treatment of military children transferring between school districts and states by:

  • requiring a student’s transcripts and immunization records be made readily available to the new school;
  • helping to make it possible for students to graduate on time by providing alternative means of completing required coursework;
  • ensuring no local tuition would be charged to a transferring student whose parent serves in the military; and
  • ensuring that a child may continue attending school in a district after their military parent has transferred out of the district. Further, the legislation would enable veterans attending a community college, college or university of the SUNY or CUNY systems under the GI bills to qualify for the in-state tuition rate. This would make it easier for our veterans to attend college and secure the degrees they desire when they return home from their time of service.

The measure would also allow families of service members from New York, who were wounded in combat but died as a result of their wounds outside of the combat zone, to qualify for the supplemental burial allowance. This provision would help cover expensive funeral and burial costs.

Additionally, this legislation would make it possible for a military family member who holds an out-of-state license to qualify for a New York State license in certain occupations or professions that are licensed by the Department of State. This would enable military household members to continue their practices as real estate brokers, cosmetologists or barbers should they relocate to New York State.

“Being a part of our military is a noble and selfless act, but it can put a serious strain on a family. The legislation I helped pass would make frequent relocations and transfers easier on military families,” said Assemblyman Perry.