Assemblywoman Hunter on Potential Toll-Increases

“Today the New York State Thruway Authority voted to begin a process that will lead to the first toll increases since 2010. The proposed plan would raise rates by 5% for E-ZPass users and 75% for non-E-ZPass customers in 2024.

“Not only is it insulting to raise rates by 75% on New Yorker’s who aren’t able to own a credit card, it is also blatant discrimination. Studies have shown that the majority of individuals who do not/cannot own a credit card are African American, younger, and/or lower income[1][2]. This massive toll hike will have a disproportionately negative impact on these groups.

“Since the New York State Thruway Authority does not receive state, federal, or local tax dollars, the Assembly is limited in what we can do to offset these hikes. One option I am exploring is expanding a bill I co-sponsored to waive toll fees for commuters who face travel disruption when local roads and highways are under construction.

“I strongly urge my constituents and all New Yorkers to make their voices heard during the public comment period that will take place in the next 12 months in hopes the Thruway Authority will reverse these rate hikes.”