Assemblywoman Hunter Delivered for CNY in the 2024 Legislative Session

“The 2024 Legislative Session was one of our most productive to date. My office passed a total of (16) pieces of legislation through both houses on a wide range of important issues, including banking, healthcare and veteran services. I am proud to have been able to deliver meaningful results to our communities, and I will continue to work and fight for working families.

“Continuing the work I started last year as the new chair of the Assembly Banks Committee, I was successful in passing legislation that directs the Department of Financial Services to conduct a study on how to best utilize state government payments as a means of transitioning unbanked and underbanked state residents into the banking system (A.6924).

“Further, following the period of instability in the banking sector caused by the collapse of Signature Bank in March of 2023, I introduced and passed a bill to update the banking law to reflect current best practices with regards to removing directors, trustees, officers, or members or partners in the banking sector (A.7428A). Prior to the passage of this bill, the Banking Law had many anachronisms that complicated the process for removing officers who engaged in unlawful conduct. Updating and clarifying existing regulations will encourage greater stability in the banking system as well as protect New York consumers.

“In the realm of healthcare, I followed up my work last session on biomarker testing coverage with legislation that would guarantee that insurance covers additional breast cancer screening for those that need it (A.1696C). Over two-thirds of women age 40 or older receive a screening mammogram every one or two years. 16% of those screened will require additional screening by their providers if it is their first mammogram, and 10% will be called to undergo further mammography exams. Allowing women more time to get additional breast cancer screenings, as this bill does, is a simple early intervention method that will save many lives.

“As a veteran myself, I am dedicated to ensuring that New York’s veterans receive the best mental healthcare possible. That’s why I passed legislation requiring the Office of Mental Health to identify and make available on their website information and training programs related to the diagnosis and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for military veterans (A.8485). Veterans face unique mental health challenges that many providers may not be well versed in. By making this information publicly available, providers will be able to better understand these challenges and provide better care for our veterans.”