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The importance of 2020 Census:

The cornerstone of our representative democracy is in representation itself. To strengthen our democracy, then, our Constitution has established a mandated tool to maximize representation: the Census.

The surface level purpose of the Census - counting every person living in the United States - tells us valuable data. But it is what we do with that data that has an impact in all communities. There are over $675 billion in annual federal funding distribution, so withholding from submitting the Census application may lead to disinvestment in your community!


As the Chair of the NYS Assembly Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research and Reapportionment, along with my colleagues in the NYS Legislature, we carry the role to lead New York's own effort to redraw district lines that affect representation in both state chambers, and in the US House of Representatives. The consequences of an under-counted population can be severe, and if the Census reports a drop in population from its 2010 statistics, complete districts may disappear.

The possibility of massive undercount of people of color and immigrants across our state and in communities like East Harlem has been a persistent concern. The vicious effort to include a last-minute citizenship question to the Census brought the fight to the Supreme Court of the United States, which, to our benefit, the Court rightfully rejected such question that would have suppressed the population count of our immigrant communities. Nevertheless, the amplified fear of the potential citizenship question must be countered with assurance of the true purpose of the Census - that everybody counts, and that all communities deserve their resources.

Every person residing in the United States counts - this includes all immigrants without regard to immigration status. If you live in your community, you are a member of the community. By federal law, all the data that you submit with the Census forum is completely confidential, and sharing such information - even with federal immigration agencies - is strictly prohibited. A fair count means there are no strings attached.

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