Assemblywoman Galef’s Statement on the Nuclear Regulatory Committee’s Inspector General Report Released on Wednesday, February 26th

A report released by the Nuclear Regulatory Committee (NRC) Inspector General (IG) found that the analyses used to underpin the approval of the Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) Project, a natural gas pipeline, were deeply flawed. This pipeline sits, in part, on the site of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. The NRC’s faulty analysis led to the approval of the AIM Pipeline. This has created a dangerous situation with unknown risks.

“The IG’s report raises serious concerns about Indian Point in the event of a rupture of the AIM Project. For the safety of all of our neighbors I demand that the pipeline be shut down until a proper analysis is completed. Our community’s safety is not to be used in a game of chance” said Galef. “The NRC needs to hold public meetings and answer the questions of this community. Such reckless behavior demands accountability. Pipelines and Nuclear Power Plants come with risks on their own, but when combined the risks grow exponentially. This egregious endangerment of human life must be explained.”