Assemblywoman Sandy Galef Announces Kent Highway Department Received State Grant of $50,000 for Capital Improvements

Funds were used to upgrade Dixon Road, a main connection between the Town of Kent and Carmel Hamlet

Kent, NY – Assemblywoman Galef announced that reconstruction on Dixon Road in the Town of Kent has been completed. Galef secured $50,000 in state funding for the Kent Highway Department to conduct critical maintenance work on Dixon Road. This grant was used to lay a blacktop coat on nearly one mile of Dixon Road, and update drainage systems in sections of this road.

Dixon Road serves as a main connection between the Town of Kent and Carmel Hamlet, and also connects residents to State Road 301. The successful upkeep of this road is necessary for the residents who rely on Dixon Road to get to work, school, and around the Hudson Valley area.

Assemblywoman Galef said, “I was so glad to help successfully facilitate this grant money with Rich Othmer, the Kent Highway Superintendent. I am excited to see how the road improvements will help residents of Kent and Carmel who rely on this stretch of road.”

Richard Othmer, Kent Highway Superintendent, said, “Dixon Road is one of the main arteries between Kent and Carmel Lakes. After tornadoes in 2018, this was one of the only access roads into the Town of Kent for utility trucks. Assemblywoman Galef’s grant allowed us to reconstruct the road and ensure greater interconnectivity moving forward.”