‘The Gray Area’ Discusses Ongoing Budget Process

Assemblyman Scott Gray (R-Watertown) is releasing the latest episode of ‘The Gray Area’ video series. In this week’s episode, Gray discusses the Assembly One-House Budget Proposal. Both the state Senate and Assembly put forth proposals which act as a counter offer to Gov. Hochul’s budget proposal from last month. The legislative leaders and governor will now negotiate on what will be put into the final package that is due by April 1.

“Yesterday, we voted on the Assembly One-House proposal which is nothing more than a wish list that will be used at the negotiating table,” said Gray. “I was pleased with many aspects of what we saw in the proposal, including increased funding for nursing homes, agriculture, the ombudsman program, hospitals, fire departments, schools, libraries, Pave New York and it rejects the governor’s Medicaid intercept.

“With this said, we must be aware of the total price tag, which would add $11 billion in spending from last year alone. Not only would this increase the burden on taxpayers, but it would dip into reserve money, a truly unsustainable model.

“As we wait for the final budget deal, I look forward to seeing more of you in Albany and back in the district. My office staff is only a phone call away, it is our privilege to serve you!”

Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/eTKb6ebwBAo