Gray: State Budget Delay Continues to Showcase New York Leaders’ Irresponsibility

Assemblyman Scott Gray (R-Watertown) is again calling attention to the problematic budget process noting that the New York state budget has not yet been passed two days after the deadline. However, what did pass today was a budget extender, which will give legislators an extension of ten days to wrap up deliberations and debates and pass the final budget plan for the state.

“My decades-long experience working in county government has proved to me that a budget can be passed in a timely manner and with all voices included. Compromise is imperative in determining the budget for our diverse state. Compromise does not mean, though, that discussions should continue past the budget deadline,” Gray said.

“As of today, we continue to be at a standstill. This does not prove to New York state residents that their leadership is able to function responsibly. As legislators, it is our responsibility to conduct deliberations in a timely manner so we continue to run as an effective and efficient state for the betterment of our local governments, school districts, taxpayers and our state employees,” Gray concluded.