SUNY Potsdam Announces Financial Stability Plan

A Statement by Assemblyman Scott Gray (R-Watertown)

“This past Tuesday, I attended the announcement of a plan to ensure SUNY Potsdam’s future. SUNY Potsdam is a valuable institution that has provided high-quality education and played a significant role in the community for many years. Despite the financial challenges it currently faces, SUNY Potsdam remains committed to the success of its students and the betterment of the region.

“The proposed measures to address the budget deficit, such as program recalibration and potential building closures, demonstrate the university’s determination to find sustainable solutions for the future. The support and collaboration of all stakeholders, including faculty, staff and the community, will be instrumental in navigating these challenging times and ensuring SUNY Potsdam’s continued excellence. SUNY Potsdam is not unique in these circumstances, as campuses across the state and country continue to experience declining enrollment. I completely understand the need to right-size campuses based on historical enrollment data.

“I will also continue to advocate for equitable funding and an inventory and review of excess building assets across the SUNY system with the potential to relieve the burden on the individual institutions. We must all stand together and prepare to assist for long-term viability,” Gray concluded.