Assemblyman Scott Gray Comments on State of The State

Assemblyman Scott Gray (R-Watertown) attended the governor’s State of the State Address today in the Assembly Chamber of the New York State Capitol where she delivered her proposals for the 2024 Legislative Session.

“The governor has laid out an array of ambitious plans for the upcoming year. I support her eagerness to fighting crime throughout the state, including retail theft, domestic violence, hate crimes and cutting down illicit activity regarding smoke shops. While addressing numerous vital areas, critical issues that affect all New Yorkers remain unaddressed, issues that have been sidelined for too long such as escalating spending, the migrant crisis and encroachment on local control with her housing plan and the proposal to shift local elections to even years,” Gray said.

Gray has proposed numerous bills that align with the governor's message today, such as bill A.8376, which requires a premises license to be issued for businesses retailing certain smoking products and paraphernalia. Additionally, Gray’s bill A.8251 establishes the SUNY Excess Building Asset Inventory and Repurposing Act, which conducts a study to repurpose or demolish excess SUNY buildings, which aligns with components of her housing plan.

“We are facing a nearly $5 billion deficit so we need to be wary of promises and overspending that will end up emptying the pockets of every New Yorker. A primary objective should be reigning in excessive spending that deals with the budget gap, as the governor did not mention any measures to keep spending in check. We carry the responsibility not only to attend to the diverse needs of New Yorkers but also to address them in a prudent manner that ensures our state remains on a path toward economic prosperity while retaining its residents,” Gray concluded.