Gray: Pardon Our Prisons

No To Closures

This week, Assemblyman Scott Gray (R-Watertown) sent a letter to Gov. Hochul expressing deep concerns regarding the proposed closure of five correctional facilities in New York state. The urgency of the letter stems from the repercussions of two prior prison closures—WFC in Watertown and OCF in Ogdensburg. These closures have left a considerable impact on the local economy, leading to job losses, family relocations and vacant properties. Gray’s letter serves as a plea to halt the planned closure of prisons within the North Country.

“It’s unjust to suggest these closures within a mere 90-day window. Such a limited timeframe is grossly insufficient for families to adapt to the disruption in their lives,” Gray said. “The economic well-being of the entire community relies on these correctional facilities and shutting down additional facilities throughout the state will further exacerbate the increasing crime rates and decrease safety within prisons by consolidating them even further.”

“I want to assure those in the North Country that I am eager to work with the governor and relevant state agencies to find alternative solutions and help repurpose our existing vacant facilities in a manner that revitalizes our local communities and economy,” Gray concluded.

Editor’s Note: Please see Assemblyman Gray’s letter to Gov. Hochul here.