‘The Gray Area’ Discusses New York’s Marketing by Mandate: Bad Public Policy

Assemblyman Scott Gray (R-Watertown) released the latest episode of “The Gray Area” video series. In this week’s episode, Gray discusses the state’s rush to all-electric school buses through a misguided mandate as well as thanks the many visitors who stopped by his office in Albany this week.

“Generally, government is not great at marketing nor are they good at customer service. What they are good at is marketing by mandate, and when it comes to electrification we have a laudable goal with zero emissions, but we have terrible marketing. We’re requiring school districts to begin purchasing electric buses in 2027 and to be completely converted by 2035—at the same time, the state has set a goal for itself to be converted to heavy-duty electric vehicles by 2040, a full five years after the school requirement. Last week, I questioned The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority President Doreen Harris to bring some parity to the situation; we should put schools on the same level playing field the state is on,” Gray said.

“How does that affect you at the local level? There is a real cost to this electrification program to the taxpayers of New York state. Schools have to put in infrastructure such as charging stations, which come at an enormous cost. Voters rejected a recent $16 million referendum to develop the infrastructure, underscoring the importance of attentively heeding the voices of those we serve.”

“On a lighter note, we had a lot of visitors in Albany this week! The Association for Community Living, individuals from the Northern Regional Council for Independent Living and the Hospice & Palliative Care Association of New York State all stopped by, and we appreciate them visiting. Representatives from the YMCA were here as well as the Seaway Valley Prevention Council, CREDO Community Center and the New York Aviation Management Association, among many others. I also had the opportunity to attend the Hospitality and Tourism Association reception and the Public Employees Federation reception. Thank you to all who came by.”

“As part of a new segment, I will be addressing a question from one of my constituents each week. This week’s inquiry was, ‘Where does the revenue come from in New York state’s budget?’ Tune in to The Gray Area for my response! If you want to ask a question, visit this site http://tinyurl.com/28spc7ty.”

“Look out for next week’s episode of The Gray Area as we continue to update you on what you care about. We always appreciate the opportunity to serve you and to work with you. Don’t hesitate to call my office staff with questions, comments or concerns—see you soon,” Gray concluded.

Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/POWT1Ck_SJ4?si=Xce0eu10MLV3RAfL