Gray Comments on Academy at Ivy Ridge Allegations

A Statement by Assemblyman Scott Gray (R-Watertown) on the now-closed Academy at Ivy Ridge in Ogdensburg.

“The situation portrayed at the now-closed Academy at Ivy Ridge is very serious. The Academy at Ivy Ridge was shut down approximately 15 years ago. The reported incidents are unfortunate and should not be taken lightly. I firmly believe those who feel aggrieved should be encouraged to pursue the appropriate channels, including seeking redress through the attorney general or any other avenues they deem fit. To ascertain the full extent of the situation, I call upon the attorney general to conduct a comprehensive investigation. All individuals involved have the right to a fair and unbiased examination of the allegations against them. Our focus should be on holding those responsible accountable and ensuring the well-being of all individuals affected by the events at the Academy.”

“Furthermore, this is precisely why we need transparency and oversight of the services available for individuals who are considered our most vulnerable population, whether it is the elderly or youth, whether it is dealing with behavioral health or substance use issues. I will remain diligent in my advocacy for individuals at all levels of life so situations like this one do not occur again.”