Assemblyman Gray Communicates Objectives for Proposed Ivy Ridge Investigation

In light of the concerning complaints surrounding the Academy at Ivy Ridge, Assemblyman Scott Gray (R-Watertown) has called upon the state’s attorney general to conduct a thorough investigation into these allegations following a meeting with the attorney general’s office. Gray outlined his objectives for this crucial investigation and was assured this is a high priority.

“We’ve heard directly from numerous people, including members of our community, and it’s evident urgent action is required. To effectively address these concerns, we must establish clear objectives. My aim is not only to have the truth uncovered but also to encourage unity and healing within our community. Through a comprehensive and transparent investigation, we can implement safeguards to prevent similar injustices and protect vulnerable individuals from exploitation,” Gray affirmed.

Assemblyman Gray has delineated the following objectives he will advocate for in the proposed investigation:

  1. Identify and halt any ongoing operations by those perpetrating this misconduct, especially the principals;
  2. Pursue justice within the confines of the law;
  3. Ensure the exoneration of individuals wrongly associated with alleged wrongdoing;
  4. Facilitate community restoration and healing;
  5. Extract lessons to prevent future occurrences of abuse;
  6. Provide redress, especially for educational purposes.

“With these objectives guiding my advocacy, we aim to bring closure to our community and meet the needs of the young adults affected by this situation. It’s imperative to recognize this process cannot be hurried. The judicial system demands thoroughness and diligence. We must allow the justice system the time it needs to navigate through this complex issue. Our community’s identity is not defined by these events, and we are committed to preventing them from tearing us apart.”

“The state of New York bears the responsibility of rectifying the injustices faced by those who attended the school and were denied a fair education. It’s time to provide these individuals with the opportunities they were deprived of and guide them back on the path to success, and I appreciate the attorney general recognizing the needs of the victims, the community and all involved,” Gray concluded.