‘The Gray Area’ Discusses One-House Budget ‘Fairytale,’ Metalcraft Marine Victory, Ivy Ridge Investigation Meeting

Assemblyman Scott Gray (R-Watertown) released the latest episode of “The Gray Area” video series. In this week’s episode, Gray discusses the Assembly Majority’s one-house budget proposal, the announcement that the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) will be restarting its law enforcement vessel procurement process and the recent meeting with the office of the attorney general regarding an investigation into Ivy Ridge.

The one-house budget is out with lots of concerns to address, namely our state’s refusal to adhere to a 2% tax cap that most governments abide by for fiscal prudence. The governor’s proposed budget of $233 billion was eclipsed by the Assembly Majority’s proposed $245 billion budget, $14 billion higher than the executive. That’s not a wish list, that’s a fairy tale. Watch the Gray Area for a breakdown of some of the good, the bad and the ugly in this year’s proposed budget.

“This week was a huge victory for MetalCraft Marine. In a call with the acting commissioner of OPRHP, they confirmed they are hitting the reset button on the vessel contract and redrawing the specs. It will be put up for bid again, this time including MetalCraft Marine, a New York state manufacturer that can build the boats for New York state. This is great news for New Yorkers, and it’s great news for the economy and the labor market in Northern New York.”

“Lastly, on a very serious note, I had a meeting with the attorney general’s staff this week —they label Ivy Ridge as a high priority. It’s going to be a long process, but we hope to have some conclusion not only for the victims but for our community. Let’s proceed and get this behind us.”

“For events and visitors this week, we had the American-Irish Legislators Society St. Patrick’s dinner on Monday night. We had the Medical Society of Jefferson County come visit; it’s always nice to see the good doctors in the house, and we had the United Auto Workers here as well. It’s going to be a busy weekend in the North Country with the North Country Goes Green Irish Festival, tree tapping for maple season and the inauguration of the seventh President of Jefferson Community College, Daniel J. Dupee.”

“Look out for next week’s episode of The Gray Area as we continue to update you on what you care about. We always appreciate the opportunity to serve you and to work with you. Don’t hesitate to call my office staff with questions, comments or concerns—see you soon,” Gray concluded.

Watch the full episode here: https://tinyurl.com/yfrsnay8