Press Releases

Read Assemblyman Englebright’s Sign-on Letter to EPA Opposing Rulemaking that would Rollback Automotive Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards for 2022 to 2025

Englebright Passes New Law to Appropriately Reference the Deaf Community

Notice of Public Hearing - Long Island Sound Water Quality

Drug Take-Back Bill Becomes Law in New York State

Read Assemblyman Englebright’s Letter Requesting EPA and HHS to Immediately Release the Preliminary Toxic Assessment Report on PFOA and PFOS

Assembly Passes Earth Day Legislative Package to Safeguard the Environment and Public Health

Assemblyman Englebright Announces 1,000 Acre Addition to Central Pine Barrens Preservation Area

Read Assemblyman Englebright’s Sign-On Letter to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke in Opposition to the Plan to Permit Oil Drilling Offshore of Long Island

Read Assemblyman Englebright’s Comments on the DEC’s Third Draft Mute Swan Management Plan

Read Bi-Partisan Letter to Governor Cuomo in Support of Signing A-7722B/S-6157B to Preserve over 1000 Acres of Environmentally-Sensitive Woodlands in Shoreham and Mastic

LTR to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission in support of fishery management that recognizes the importance of menhaden as a food source for fish, birds, marine mammals

Assemblyman Englebright and Senator LaValle Announce Continuation of First-Time Home Buyer Program

Summer 2017 Budget Update

Assemblyman Steve Englebright and Senator Rich Funke Announce Passage of Measure to Implement Recycling Program for State Parks

Assemblyman Steve Englebright & Senator Ken LaValle Announce Legislative Approval of Pine Barrens Expansion

Three Village Times Herald: History remembered with spy trail dedication along 25A

Ocean Acidification Task Force Signed into Law

Read the letter sent to PSC Chair Audrey Zibelman opposing a statewide rate increase that requires downstate customers to pay for nearly 60% of the upstate nuclear bailout

Three Village Times Herald: NY Legislators Want Dumping in LI Sound to Stop

Read the Letter from the Governor, Assem. Englebright and other Elected Officials to President Obama Vowing Legal Action if EPA Adds Dredge Dumping Sites in LI Sound