Assemblymember Englebright Announces Appointments to the Climate Action Council

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie has appointed Peter Iwanowicz, Dr. Robert Howarth, and Dr. Paul Shepson to the Climate Action Council. These appointees bring years of scientific and environmental experience necessary to shape an informed and feasible climate action plan for New York State.

“The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act is the most comprehensive law in the nation to address the very real threat to our future,” said Assembly Environmental Conservation Chair Steve Englebright (D-Setauket.) “I want to thank Speaker Heastie for his leadership in passing this pivotal legislation and his support in appointing Peter Iwanowicz, Dr. Robert Howarth, and Dr. Paul Shepson to the Climate Action Council.”

The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) creates the Climate Action Council, a 22-member body made up of the heads of different state agencies, as well as experts appointed by the Governor, the Speaker of the Assembly, the temporary President of the Senate, and the minority leaders in both houses of the New York legislature. The Climate Action Council will direct New York’s efforts to address and mitigate the effects of climate change by achieving the ambitious greenhouse gas emission reduction targets outlined in the new law. The Act requires the Climate Action Council to create a scoping plan, which will set out recommendations for reducing emissions across all sectors of the economy, including the transportation, building, industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors.

Peter Iwanowicz

Peter is the Executive Director of Environmental Advocates of New York and has previously served as Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation, Assistant and Deputy Secretary for the Environment in the Governor’s Office, as well as the Vice President and Director of Environmental Health at the American Lung Association of New York State. Not only is Mr. Iwanowicz an expert with nearly two decades of experience in advocating for the environment and public health in New York, but his years participating in the political, non-profit, and administrative institutions of New York give him invaluable insight into how climate policies will actually work in the State.

Dr. Robert Howarth

Dr. Howarth is an Ecosystem and Earth Systems Biologist at Cornell University with nearly 35 years of academic experience culminating in more than 250 scientific papers. In addition, Dr. Howarth is a leading expert on the role of methane and natural gas in climate change with his work being cited tens of thousands of times world-wide while also extensively studying how New York can achieve a renewable energy economy. Bob will undoubtedly be a committed and intelligent voice for world-class scientific and technical expertise on the council while also providing the “how to” of achieving the ambitious goals of the CLCPA.

Dr. Paul Shepson

Dr. Shepson is the Dean of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook University and is an Atmospheric and Analytical Chemist who has published nearly 250 scientific papers. Dr. Shepson also founded the Purdue Climate Change Research Center while he was head of the Chemistry Department at Purdue University. Paul’s extensive experience with Atmospheric Chemistry, Greenhouse Gas Sources, Sink Measurements, and Atmospheric Pollutant Measurements will ensure that New York is on sound scientific footing as it works to reduces greenhouse gas emissions while providing essential insight into complex climatic and atmospheric trends.