Leader Barclay Announces Assembly Minority Budget Conference Committee Appointments

Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay (R,C-Pulaski) announced the Assembly Minority Joint Budget Conference Committee appointments for fiscal year 2024-2025.

“As final budget negotiations begin in earnest, I am proud to announce our Conference’s appointments to the Joint Budget Conference Committees. I will join my colleagues in seeking to restore fiscal responsibility into the current budget proposals that raise taxes and increase spending to all-time highs. Runaway spending has put us on an unsustainable path. This year’s budget process should be open, transparent and demonstrate a commitment to be responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars,” Leader Barclay said.

Below is a list of Budget Conference Committee Appointments:

General Conference Honorable William A. Barclay
Alternate: Honorable Edward Ra
Education Honorable Douglas Smith
Alternate: Honorable Matthew Slater
Health Honorable Joshua Jensen
Alternate: Honorable John McGowan
Higher Education Honorable Robert Smullen
Alternate: Honorable Michael Reilly
Human Services Honorable Brian Miller
Alternate: Honorable Brian Maher
General Government/Local Assistance Honorable Brian Manktelow
Alternate: Honorable Ari Brown
Mental Hygiene Honorable Jarett Gandolfo
Alternate: Honorable Jodi Giglio
Public Protection/Criminal Justice/ Judiciary Honorable Philip Palmesano
Alternate: Honorable Edward Flood
Economic Development Honorable Christopher Friend
Alternate: Honorable Samuel Pirozzolo
Transportation Honorable Michael Norris
Alternate: Honorable Joseph DeStefano
Ag/Environmental/Housing Honorable Christopher Tague
Alternate: Honorable Keith Brown