Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay Shares Remarks at General Budget Conference Committee

New York State Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay (R,C-Pulaski) offered remarks at the General Budget Conference Committee meeting held today at the Legislative Office Building in Albany.

Leader Barclay joined the leaders of the Senate and Assembly Conferences to discuss the 2024-2025 State Budget. In his remarks, he criticized the proposed spending increases in both the governor’s and Majority Conference’s budget plans. If enacted, spending proposals offered by Majority lawmakers would result in state spending levels jumping roughly 40% in the past five years. Leader Barclay also voiced concerns about calls for tax hikes and plans to use emergency reserve funds.

The Leader shared support for numerous measures included in the Assembly One-House Budget resolution, including restoration of the “hold harmless” provision in school funding, addressing the onerous burden of rising childcare costs and eliminating unnecessary closures of five state prisons.

In closing, he called for greater transparency and fiscal responsibility in the budget process, in hopes the final agreement will mitigate the outmigration crisis, foster greater economic opportunities and protect more of New Yorkers’ hard-earned money.