Leader Barclay and Assembly Members Honor Vietnam Veterans

On Tuesday, Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay (R,C-Pulaski) and members of the Assembly Minority Conference were joined by Vietnam veterans at the Capitol to recognize and honor their service to our country.

As part of the Vietnam Veterans Day event, Leader Barclay invited veterans Herb Hawker and Shawn Mills to be his guests. Herb Hawker served in Vietnam, spent six years in the Navy and 35 years in the Army between 1965 to 2009. Shawn Mills is an Army veteran who spent three years at Fort Drum and trained forces in Uzbekistan. Mills is the current Oswego County American Legion Commander. Their presence at the event was a reminder of the commitment and dedication that define our veterans.

The Vietnam veterans were greeted with a luncheon and a tour of the Capitol. Later during legislative proceedings, the participating veterans were celebrated on the Assembly Floor during the passage of a resolution proclaiming March 29, 2024, as Vietnam Veterans Day in the State of New York. Each veteran received an honorary pin as a token of gratitude for selflessly protecting our American ideals and safety.