Camillus Police Department Places Third in Nation in Traffic Safety; Second in State

Assemblyman Will Barclay, right, presents Camillus Police Chief Thomas Winn with a citation, recognizing the department’s traffic safety awards.

Assemblyman Will Barclay presented an Assembly Citation to the Camillus Police Department for placing second in the state and third in the nation in traffic safety. Barclay also presented six Camillus Police officers and their captain, Steve Rotunno, with individual Assembly Citations in recognition of their dedication to traffic safety. Together, the honored police officers issued 1,935 tickets to drivers who violated traffic laws.

“I am honored to represent a community that has a police force that is so dedicated to keeping our roads safe. I’m grateful that the New York Law Enforcement Challenge has provided an incentive for departments across the state and even more pleased Camillus can claim one of its top national honors for its own,” said Barclay.

The department was named third in the nation by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). The association recognizes all agencies that have statistically lowered the chance of fatalities in their communities. CPD ranked second in the state for the same achievement. Once departments enter the state Law Enforcement Challenge, they are automatically entered into the IACP challenge.

Nick Macherone, law enforcement liaison of the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police to the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, attended today’s event. “Our program provides an avenue to stimulate traffic law enforcement in any police or sheriff department. We recognize outstanding efforts that deter impaired or drunk driving, encourage occupant restraint and speed management programs. Today, we are here to honor CPD, a department which excels in all of these areas,” said Macherone.

Camillus Police Chief Thomas Winn was pleased to accept the citation on behalf of the department. “These six officers have exceeded our traffic enforcement goals to keep our neighborhood streets safe by issuing citations for speeding, passing stop signs, and aggressive and intoxicated operation. I am proud to lead a team of officers who are so dedicated to traffic enforcement, accident reduction and highway safety. On behalf of the fine men and women of the Camillus Police Department, I am honored to accept this citation from Assemblyman Barclay today,” said Winn.

Camillus Town Supervisor Mary Ann Coogan, who also attended today’s honoring ceremony, said she, too, was proud of her police force. As a former paramedic, she’s seen first hand the accidents and tragedies caused by reckless driving. “I’m glad we have such dedicated officers working to promote the town’s safety. Those traffic citations help us keep our parents, our kids and ourselves safer and I hope this trend continues,” said Coogan.

Those presented with citations today were honored for their work in 2006:

Officer Heather Leabo: issued 470 traffic tickets.

Officer Sean Edwards: issued 370 traffic tickets.

Officer Joseph Clabaugh: issued 358 traffic tickets and 121 commercial vehicles.

Officer Jaime Alvarez: issued 315 traffic tickets.

Officer Charles Fassinger: issued 218 traffic tickets.

Officer Matthew Hare: issued 204 traffic tickets.