Students Learn How a Bill Becomes a Law

Assemblyman Will Barclay (R,C,I—Pulaski) today explained how a bill becomes a law to elementary students at Parish Elementary School. K-5 students gathered for an assembly in the gymnasium to learn about the State Assembly, the State Senate and the Executive branch of government with a short cartoon video about how a bill becomes a law.

Students from Mrs. Weisenburger’s second grade class gathered for a picture following the assembly. Pictured with Assemblyman Barclay, from left, are Shane Lucier, Vehjric Dupree, Connor Williams, Jason Reardon, Megan Hart, Aaron Corrice, Cole Losito, Joshua Aldous, Zachary Moot, Camron Barton, Jarrett Chaires, Brittni Metcalf, Haylea Solinsky, Kaylee Drake-Gates and Ada Bartlett.