Barclay: Focus On Creating Jobs

Assemblyman Will Barclay (R,C,I-Pulaski) released the following statement today following the Governor’s State of the State address:

I was happy to hear the Governor talk about Upstate New York and am hopeful the plans he mentioned today will translate into high-paying jobs for our region. Apart from the Governor's plans for the economy, this agenda contained a lot of proposals that need close examination--particularly on minimum wage, campaign finance, gun control, and education. I want to be careful we don't just pass laws that are part of an ambitious agenda rather than laws we truly need for our state.

Our state needs to become more affordable for our families. We need jobs. Lower taxes and providing mandate relief are essential in order to accomplish this. I was glad to hear there is no new tax hikes planned again this year.

I will continue to work to reduce regulations that stifle small businesses and restrict job creation and economic growth this legislative year.