Barclay Meets with Foreign Exchange Students; Program in Need of Host Families

Assemblyman Will Barclay recently met with foreign exchange students from all over the world who are staying in the region through the Greenheart of Cultural Exchange, a locally-run organization which promotes cultural understanding, academic development, environmental consciousness and world peace. Pictured with Assemblyman Barclay and Germain are, from left, Yusra Humayun from Pakistan, Miki Iijima from Japan, Carolina Nicol from Germany, Rushen Termirova from Kazakhstan, Marina Esanu from Moldova, Laura Hamdan from France, Emily Yamada of Japan and Zarina Amiraodo from Tajikistan. The students attend Oswego, Fulton and Hannibal schools. Germain is looking to expand the schools which host foreign exchange students as well. For more information, contact Germain at 315-561-1068.