Important message from
Assemblyman Steve Englebright

Steve Englebright ... putting more money in your pocket

Dear Neighbor:

The one thing we can all agree on is that taxes are putting a strain on family budgets. Thatís why the Legislature passed a bipartisan budget that gives tax relief to Suffolk families.

The budget provides property tax relief, a child tax credit and eliminates the state sales tax on clothing under $110 and more.

Although 198 of 212 legislators from both sides of the aisle voted to override the Governorís veto, the governor is still threatening to block the property tax relief portion of the budget. I urge you to contact the Governor at (631) 952-6583 to tell him we need tax relief now.

Additionally, I am working to ease the burden of high gas prices. While I believe the federal government needs to provide a viable energy plan for the country, we cannot wait for federal help. Thatís why Iím fighting to ease energy costs on the state level.

You have my commitment to continue my ongoing efforts to lessen our tax burden.


Steve Englebright
Member of Assembly

Englebright is working to make life less taxing

Property tax relief
This yearís budget includes property tax rebates that average $285 for Suffolk County homeowners who receive Basic STAR and $447 for seniors who receive Enhanced STAR, plus a cost-of-living adjustment to Enhanced STAR, saving eligible Suffolk County seniors an average of $203.

A $330 child tax credit for all working families
The budget includes a new child tax credit with a benefit of up to $330 for each child from ages 4 to 17.

The budget also cuts taxes by:
check mark Eliminating the 4 percent state sales tax on clothing under $110
check mark Eliminating the marriage penalty tax
check mark Creating an income tax credit for volunteer firefighters, saving them up to $200
check mark Creating a tax deduction for New York State National Guard members called to federal service

Working to ease the burden at the pump
The Legislature passed a law providing immediate relief from high gas prices by capping the state sales tax on gas at 8 cents per gallon Ė locked at the $2 per gallon rate. Local governments will now be able to pass legislation to cap their local sales tax as well.