Property Taxes

Suffolk County residents pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation. I've worked hard to help hold the line on local property taxes in part by making sure our schools get their fair share of state education dollars. Last year I secured $6.6 million in High Tax Aid to help relieve the burden of school property taxes. I also voted to establish the Middle Class STAR rebate check program.

I voted against tax increases more than 200 times and to further help working families, I:

I believe we need to make New York's tax system more progressive. Right now people who make $40,000 a year are taxed at the same rate as those who make $40 million a year. That's why I support a tax increase on the wealthiest New Yorkers, to take the burden off of the middle class. I will also fight for a property tax cap based on income, so average homeowners can afford to stay in their homes.