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New York State is recovering very slowly from the longest recession since the Great Depression. Suffolk County residents have shown their strength and resilience by making tough adjustments and sacrifices for their families. Responsible choices and good fiscal policy also need to be practiced by our state leaders. They have a duty to call upon all legislators to reform our broken economic practices. That’s why I introduced the most significant pension reform legislation that Albany has ever seen.

I continue to push for pension reform in New York as an advocate for eliminating, or reducing, overtime from the calculation of pension benefits, a practice known as “pension padding.” I am demanding that our state Assembly and Senate take action to correct a practice that defrauds taxpayers and crushes our state economy. I also believe that reforming the pension system, starting with the removal of the political class, defined as all politicians and political appointees, from the defined-benefit plan, is the necessary first step toward getting the Empire state’s fiscal house in order.

We need to reform our budget by first removing the political class in New York State from the defined-benefit pension system and place them into a defined-contribution plan such as a 401(k). By doing so, we will stop pension padding by the political class immediately, make political patronage jobs less attractive, and reduce the incentive to “take the path of least resistance” regarding New York State’s most difficult fiscal issues. The time for serious and substantial pension reform is now. This can, and must, be done.

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Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick

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The Governor and State Comptroller recently announced a proposal that would permit the state and its municipalities to borrow from the Common Retirement Fund to pay their existing pension contributions. Already, Suffolk County’s municipal pension costs are 50 percent above last year’s. Is this fiscal responsibility? Enough is enough.

The current pension system is breaking the bank:

Reforming government
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As your Assemblyman, I have sponsored Assembly bill 6932,
which would cap the current retirement tier of all elected officials and non-civil service appointed employees in New York state, and would create a new Defined Contribution Plan for these members of the political class.

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