Helene E. Weinstein Assemblywoman Weinstein Making a Difference in Brooklyn and Albany
Septmenber 2006

A Report To The Residents of the 41st Assembly District

I believe that one of my most important responsibilities is to listen carefully, answer questions and help solve your problems. Along with my experienced community office staff, I can assist you with a variety of important services and help you apply for government programs.


Assemblywoman Weinstein Helping You!
Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein assists Mr. & Mrs. K with an auto insurance problem.

"Getting To Know You"
Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein discusses quality of life issues with Community Board #17’s Block Association Chair Morgan Gabriel at Community Board #17’s annual "Getting to Know You Better" evening.

Mr. E. enlisted Assemblywoman Weinstein’s help in correcting a dangerous modification to a traffic signal near his home. The Department of Transportation, by installing louvers, had decreased the intensity of the traffic light, making it difficult for the elderly and individuals with vision problems to recognize a green light. At the Assemblywoman’s request, an investigation was launched and the louvers were removed.


Mr. and Mrs. K. visited Assemblywoman Weinstein’s office seeking her assistance in preserving Mr. K.’s car insurance coverage just days before it and their licenses were to be mistakenly suspended. With a phone call from the Assemblywoman to the Department of Motor Vehicles, the issues at hand were addressed, the coverage was extended indefinitely and Mr. and Mrs. K. are back on the road!


Mrs. S., a senior citizen, came to Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein’s office after receiving a $400 tax rebate for her property issued in an incorrect name and social security number. After a call from the Assemblywoman’s office, the Finance Department found and corrected all her property information. She received a new check shortly thereafter.


Mr. C. requested Assemblywoman Weinstein investigate a "No Parking Anytime" sign that was mistakenly placed in front of the Kings Bay Senior Center, forcing seniors to park their cars a considerable distance from the Center. Soon after the Assemblywoman reached out to the Department of Transportation the sign was removed.


Mrs. S. visited Assemblywoman Weinstein after her Dry Cleaner lost an expensive designer suit and was reluctant to give a refund. With a phone call and a visit to the cleaner, Assemblywoman Weinstein was able to secure a full refund of $200 (the value of the lost property).


Ms. J. visited the Assemblywoman with a water bill that she felt was extremely high. The Assemblywoman immediately contacted the Department of Environmental Protection to investigate the matter. Due to the Assemblywoman’s intervention, an erroneous charge was discovered and Ms. J. saw a $1,000 reduction in her water bill.


This year as in past years, Assemblywoman Weinstein secured special funding in the state budget for senior citizens, social services, school and youth programs to provide recreational, educational, cultural and social services in our community. Additional funding was obtained for after-school tutoring, early literacy, arts, school technology, equipment upgrades, sports, anti-violence, multicultural and intergenerational programs. If you want additional information on any of the programs listed on this page, all of which Assemblywoman Weinstein has funded, call the community office.

Homecrest Senior Center
Assemblywoman Weinstein often visits senior centers in the community. On a recent visit to Homecrest Senior Center, the Assemblywoman spoke as Director Richard Kuo looked on. Assemblywoman Weinstein funds programs at every senior center in the District and is currently working on funding to renovate Homecrest Senior Center’s kitchen.

75th Anniversary For Congregation B’nai Israel Of Midwood
Assemblywoman Weinstein often visits senior centers in her district to update them on important issues in the community and in Albany. On a recent visit to Midwood Senior Center, housed in Congregation B’nai Israel of Midwood, Assemblywoman Weinstein presented an Assembly Proclamation commemorating the 75th Jubilee Anniversary of the Congregation to Bernard Lazar, President of the Congregation, Ella Malter, President of the Midwood Senior Center, Jacqueline Florio, Center Director, and Donna Weinstein, Assistant Director. Assemblywoman Weinstein funds programs at every senior center in the District and successfully secured state funding to install a chairlift at Midwood.

Congregation Adath Yeshurun Dinner
Congregation Adath Yeshurun recently celebrated their 78th Anniversary and on hand was Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein who presented Rabbi and Rebbetzin Abraham Stone with an Assembly Resolution in honor of this special occasion.
  • Alzheimer’s and Aging Resource Center - Home Attendant Program
  • Decatur Senior Center - Educational & Recreational Services
  • Glenwood & Midwood Senior Centers - Senior Transport
  • Good Shepherd Friendship Club - Educational & Recreational Services
  • Harama/Jay Senior Center - Educational & Recreational Services
  • JCC of Coney Island & JCC of Kings Bay - Senior Transport
  • Kings Bay Senior Center - Senior Transport
  • Kings Bay YM-YWHA - Alzheimer’s Respite and VISA programs
  • Ridgewood-Bushwick Senior Citizens Council Center - Annual Picnic
  • Shellbank Leisure League Senior Center - Senior Transport
  • Young Israel of Bedford Bay Senior Center - Educational & Recreational Services
  • Bay Improvement Group - Annual BayFest
  • Brooklyn College Center for the Performing Arts - Caribbean Concert Series
  • Flatbush Shomrim Safety Patrol - Purchase Communications Equipment
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Concerts - Free community concerts at Wingate H.S. Field
  • Nottingham Association - Nottingham Neighborhood Patrol
  • Russian-American Kids Circus - Community Performance/Workshop projects
  • Seaside Concerts - Free community concerts at Seaside Park

Kingsway Jewish Center
Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein presented Kingsway Jewish Center’s Guests of Honor, Frima & Neil Peters, with an Assembly Resolution for their extraordinary service to the community at Kingsway Jewish Center’s 78th Anniversary Dinner.

Ave H Block Party
Each summer Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein attends block association events and festivals throughout her district. This year at the Mansfield Houses, Avenue H Block Party, Assemblywoman Weinstein presented an Assembly Citation to Avenue H store owner, Mun K. Cha for his outstanding service to the community, as Avenue H President, Nora T. Glenn looked on.

Assemblywoman Weinstein Discusses Quality of Life Issues
Concerns arose recently regarding the presence of park benches in the newly renovated Fraser Square. The Assemblywoman reassured her constituents that she would be working closely with area law enforcement to ensure regular patrols of the area.

  • Be Proud Foundation - New Americans Civic Education
  • Brooklyn Bar Association - Volunteer Lawyers Project
  • Brooklyn Legal Aid - Senior Citizen Program
  • Caribbean Women’s Health Association - Citizenship Legal Services
  • Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society - Russian Voter Education Guide
  • Kings Bay Branch Library - Purchase Multicultural Books
  • Kings Highway Branch Library - Purchase Multicultural Books
  • NYANA (NY Association of New Americans) - Citizenship Legal Services
  • Paerdegat Branch Library - Purchase Multicultural Books
  • Rugby Branch Library - Purchase Multicultural Books
  • Wyckoff House Museum - Support Public Events

Nottingham Annual Brunch
Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein joined New York Community Hospital Advisory Board Chair and Nottingham Board member Blossom Klass, Nottingham President Helen Rosen and Nottingham’s Secretary Marsha Edell at the Association’s Annual Brunch.

Nieuw Amersfort Civic Association Awards Night
During a recent visit to the Nieuw Amersfort Civic Association, Helene Weinstein honored the Nieuw Amersfort Civic Association, its President Steve Yamin and Board members Elaine Henry, Gil McLean, Sam Barrett, Marge Ahearn and John Ahearn for their tireless efforts on behalf of the community.

Fraser Square Groundbreaking
Assemblywoman Weinstein and Councilman Lewis Fidler joined Fraser Civic Association Board members Barry Smith, Tom Hernandez, and Sally Hunt at the Fraser Square groundbreaking. Assemblywoman Weinstein and Councilman Fidler secured much needed capital funding for the reconstruction.

  • Fraser Circle Park - Renovations
  • Glenwood Houses - Installation of security cameras to prevent vandalism
  • Flatlands Ambulance Volunteer - a New Ambulance
  • 63rd & 67th Police Precincts - Auxiliary Patrol Vans
  • Brooklyn Psychiatric Center - Renovations
  • COJO of Flatbush - a New Site
  • Friends United Youth Center - Computer Lab Upgrade
  • Glenwood Senior Center - Renovations to Recreational Room
  • Homecrest Senior Center - a New Kitchen
  • Kings Bay Senior Center - Renovations
  • Kings Bay YM-YWHA - Roof Repair and Pre-K Class Renovations
  • Madison High School - A new sound system and air conditioning upgrades
  • Marine Park Senior Center - Establishment of a Senior Center
  • Nieuw Amersfort Park - Renovations
  • Public School 208 - A State-of-the-Art Science Lab
  • Sephardic Community Center - Renovations
  • Yeshiva Masores Yaakov - Security Enhancement Project
  • Wyckoff House Museum - Restoration of a Dutch American Barn

Assemblywoman Weinstein Fights For Safer Streets
After several traffic accidents at the intersections of Emmons Avenue and East 26th and East 27th streets, Raisa Chernina, a member of Community Board 15 and a community activist, turned to Assemblywoman Weinstein for help. DOT responded to the Assembly-woman’s request and installed "No Standing Anytime" signs, clearing up the view obscured by parked cars.

63rd Precinct National Night Out Against Crime
Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein joined civic leaders at the 63rd Precinct’s National Night Out Against Crime to strengthen awareness of local anti-crime programs.

Weinstein Visits Public School 197
Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein often visits schools throughout her district. On a recent visit to Public School 197, she read to an attentive fifth grade class. Assemblywoman Weinstein funds programs at every Public School in the District.

Public School 208 Science Lab
Assemblywoman Weinstein, Principal Kristi Parris, Parent Coordinator Brenda Holder and School Construction Authority engineers discuss plans for a new science lab at P.S. 208 with state funds obtained by Assemblywoman Weinstein. Assembly-woman Weinstein funds programs at every public school in the District.

Helene Weinstein Congratulates P.S. 119 Student
Assemblywoman Weinstein joined Nieuw Amersfort President Steven Yamin in awarding an Assembly Certificate of Merit to a PS 119 student for her community service at Nieuw Amersfort Civic Association’s Awards Night.

  • Agudath Israel of America - Education Newsletter project
  • I.S. 14 - Science & Technology Program
  • I.S. 285, P.S. 208 and P.S. 251 - After-School Programs
  • P.S. 52, P.S. 197 and P.S. 244 - Early Literacy Programs
  • P.S. 119 - Purchase New Computers
  • P.S. 194 - Literature Enrichment Program
  • P.S. 206 - Computer Upgrades
  • Madison High School - Purchase Additional Air Conditioners for Classrooms
  • Yeshiva Ohel Sarah/Mercaz Gan Yisroel - Establishment of a Pre-K Computer Lab
  • Samuel Tilden High School - Extracurricular Programs
  • Sheepshead Bay High School - Tutoring Programs in Mathematics & Science
  • South Shore High School - Mathematics & Technology Upgrades
  • COJECO - Emigre Youth Program
  • Friends United Block Association - Friends United Youth Center
  • Kings Bay Youth Organization - After School Programs
  • Mr. Bee’s Hornets - Basketball Program
  • Schenectady Avenue Block Association - Youth Program
  • Show Me What You Got - Basketball Program
  • Youth D.A.R.E.S - "Clean Slate" Anti-Graffiti Project

Kings Bay Co-op Annual Meeting
Helene Weinstein addressed Kings Bay I’s Co-op shareholders at their annual meeting, inviting residents to take advantage of upcoming health screening and outreach programs at her Community Office.

Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps Honors Weinstein
Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps (FVAC) recently presented Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein with their Achievement Award "In appreciation and recognition for her outstanding support." Later this year, FVAC will roll out a new ambulance with funds obtained by Assemblywoman Weinstein and other elected officials.

Haitian Americans United For Progress
Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein often speaks to community groups, updating them on important issues in the community and in Albany. On a recent visit to the Haitian Americans United for Progress Brooklyn Community Center, the Assemblywoman spoke about the wide range of services provided by her community office.

  • Brooklyn Housing and Family Services - Homelessness Prevention & Tenant Advocacy
  • COJO of Flatbush - Single Head of Household Assistance
  • Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps - Upgrade Communications Equipment
  • Glenwood Houses Tenant Association - Tenants Association Operations
  • Haitian Americans United for Progress - Immigrant Social Services
  • Nostrand Houses Tenant Association - Tenants Association Operations
  • Ohel Children’s Services - Domestic Violence Victims Services
  • Sheepshead Houses Tenant Association - Annual Family Day

Friends United Youth Center Honors Helene Weinstein
At the Friends United Block Association’s 10th Anniversary Dinner ceremony, the Friends United Youth Center honored Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein with a plaque stating "In recognition of your (her) outstanding Leadership, Dedication and Amazing Love for Humanity." Assemblywoman Weinstein has provided funding for the Youth Center since its founding. photo
Weinstein Visits Yeshiva Ohel Sarah/Mercaz Gan
Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein often visits schools throughout her district. On a recent visit to Yeshiva Ohel Sarah/Mercaz Gan, she spoke to students in a first grade class. photo


Assemblywoman Weinstein has secured over $39,800 in grants for area residents who could not afford heating fuel. Weinstein’s office is designated as a Neighborhood Heating Fund Site in the Heartshare Program. This year, grants of up to $200 are available to Keyspan customers who can not afford to pay their winter residential heating bills. Contact Assemblywoman Weinstein’s Community Office to see if you are eligible.



Upcoming dates:

September 21st, 2006
October 19th, 2006
November 16th, 2006

10:30 am to 12:00 noon

Apply for the Senior Half-Fare MetroCard and receive one on the spot.

Proper Age (65 years & older) and photo identification is required.

  • Save the cost of photos and notary fees
  • Add money to your Senior Half-Fare MetroCard
  • Only MetroCard holders transfer for FREE between buses & trains


Assemblywoman Weinstein secured over $56,000 in income tax refunds for constituents.

You, too, may be entitled to the New York City tax refund, as long as you resided in New York City for even one month last year. Helene Weinstein’s office assisted 456 residents who did not file a regular return in obtaining $56,022.50 in refunds by completing the special NYC-210 form (If you file a regular tax return, your tax refund is already included.)

  • To be eligible for the tax refund, you must have lived in New York City for part of the year and not be claimed as a dependent on another taxpayer’s federal return.
  • Depending on the number of months you lived in New York City, the refund can be as much as $125 ($230 in 2007) for a married couple or a surviving spouse.
  • You can file for past years - the deadline for tax year 2003 is April 15, 2007. Contact Helene Weinstein’s Office for help in filing for your refunds.

Weinstein Delivers For Our Parks
In recognition of her outstanding support for parks and recreational facilities, NYC Parks Department Assistant Commissioner Edward J. Lewis presented Assemblywoman Weinstein with a plaque "For Outstanding Commitment to the Development, Repair & Reconstruction of Park Projects and Programs." In her district Weinstein has directed over $750,000 in capital funds toward several local parks projects: the reconstruction of Fraser Square Park located on Kings Highway, the restoration of a new Dutch-American Barn and reconstruction of the drainage system at the Wyckoff House on Clarendon Road, and repairs at Amersfort Park.

3520 Nostrand Avenue • Brooklyn, NY 11229 • (718) 648-4700
Monday-Thursday: 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Friday: 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Please Call Or Stop In If You Have a Problem or a Question!
We speak English, Creole, Russian and Yiddish.