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Helene Weinstein:

Protecting your children from online predators

Law targeting Internet sex predators will protect our families

“Social networking Web sites and other online hangouts have become dangerous places for the unsuspecting – especially children. The new e-STOP law I helped establish will protect our children and prevent an untold number of sexual offenses over the Internet.”

– Assemblywoman Weinstein

Assemblywoman Weinstein helped pass the Electronic Security and Targeting of Online Predators Act – called “e-STOP.” Recently signed into law (Ch. 67 of 2008), this groundbreaking measure takes an important step in shielding our children from dangerous predators.

Under e-STOP, social networking Web sites will be empowered to access the state sex offender registry and block all sex offenders from accessing their sites and communicating with children.

The law also includes a complete bar on Internet use to access pornography and social networking sites for certain dangerous sex offenders, and forbids their communication with minors for the purpose of promoting sexual relations. It also makes offenders register their Internet accounts and any change of account or screen name.

The e-STOP law is the result of a landmark agreement with Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to prevent predators from victimizing children on Internet social networking sites.

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