Starting this year, you will be using a new voting machine.

To comply with the federal Help America Vote Act, New York State will have new voting machines this year. The old lever voting machines are being replaced by a new type of machine, which records votes from a marked paper ballot. This will help prevent voter fraud and verify elections when results are in question.

See detailed instructions below

The Help America Vote Act: a new way to vote!

Step One: Receive your ballot
Sign in and receive your ballot from the poll worker. You may also be given a privacy sleeve to shield your votes from view. Bring your ballot to the privacy booth.

Step Two: Mark your ballot
For every contest, make your selection using the marking pens provided by poll workers. It is important to mark the ballot properly. Follow the instructions on how to mark your ballot.
Step Three: Insert your ballot into the Digital Image Scanner
Insert your ballot into the scanner. Directions on how to properly insert the ballot are located on your ballot. The scanner will accept ballots in any orientation – forward, backward or upside down.
Step Four: Review the screen
Check the display screen to see whether you voted for too many candidates. If you choose to make changes, select “Don’t Cast-Return” on the touch screen. If you don’t want to make changes, select “Cast Ballot” on the touch screen. The screen will notify you when your ballot has been successfully cast.
If you have any questions regarding the new voting machines, contact Brooklyn Board of Elections at 1-718-797-8800.

How to mark a ballot correctly

Mark your ballot by following the example above.

For write-in candidates, write the candidate’s name in the box below and fill in the oval.

Write In

If you have any questions regarding your ballot, please ask a poll worker for assistance before inserting your ballot into the scanner.

If you make a mistake in marking your ballot, please ask a poll worker for a replacement ballot.

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