Assemblywoman Helene E. Weinstein
A special report to the
Residents of the 41st Assembly District
Fall 2017
Helene E. Weinstein
Making a Difference in Brooklyn and Albany

I strongly believe that one of my most important responsibilities is to listen carefully, answer questions, and help solve your problems. Along with my experienced community office staff, I can assist you with a variety of important services and help to resolve community problems.


Some of Assemblywoman Weinstein’s Success Stories

Jury Duty Dilemma
Mr. C, unemployed for 20 years, had recently served several days on Jury Duty but failed to receive payment for his civic service despite numerous attempts. Mr. C visited the Assemblywoman’s office, a call to the County Clerk revealed that his brother had filled out his paperwork and mistakenly indicated that Mr. C was working. A revised application was faxed over to correct the mistake, and he received several hundred dollars payment for his service.

Lease Fleecing
Mrs. K visited the Assemblywoman’s office after she was asked to pay double her security deposit during a lease renewal. The Assemblywoman contacted the landlord who was made aware of the mistake and a new lease was sent without the additional money request.

Power Problem
Mrs. S came to the Assemblywoman complaining that her management company refused to restore power to her bedroom, insisting that the bylaws forbid the installation of her ceiling fan. Mrs. S was particularly upset because the ceiling fan was in place when she had moved in 20 years earlier. Several calls were made to management and they finally relented and repaired her wiring.

Funds Found
Ms. H was trying to retrieve her deceased Aunt’s unclaimed funds. During a visit to Assemblywoman Weinstein’s office, she was assisted in navigating the NYS Comptroller’s website and recovered the money owed.

Social Security Snafu
Mr. Y had noticed that Social Security was still sending checks to his deceased father’s bank account, long after his death. The Assemblywoman contacted Social Security and forwarded the necessary documentation to close the account.

Shut Out of SCHE
Ms. L was improperly removed from the Senior Citizen Homeowners Exemption Program which helps low income seniors get a reduction on their property tax bill. The Assemblywoman was able to help file an appeal on her behalf and the exemption was reinstated.

Unemployment Increase
Mr. M was concerned that his unemployment benefits were less than he was entitled too. Assemblywoman Weinstein called the Department of Labor on his behalf, an investigation was conducted, and soon thereafter he started receiving the appropriate higher amount.

School Switch
Mrs. A’s child was denied transfer to her locally zoned middle school, after her father, the child’s primary mode of transportation passed away, leaving the child to bus, alone, across Brooklyn to a school of their first choosing. Assemblywoman Weinstein, working with the Department of Education’s legislative affairs office, expediently clarified the situation and the child was granted admission to her local school.

Town Hall Meeting
At a Town Hall held in conjunction with Councilman Chaim Deutsch and Mayor Bill de Blasio, Assemblywoman Weinstein spoke to City Commissioners, elected officials, community leaders, and concerned residents highlighting various issues and needs facing constituents and businesses in our Assembly District.
Robert “Pudgie” Walsh Way
Assemblywoman Weinstein joined Councilman Jumaane Williams, 63rd Precinct Captain Romero, friends and family to dedicate Avenue P and East 36th Street in tribute to Brooklyn Hero and lifelong Marine Park resident, FDNY Lt. Robert “Pudgie” Walsh. A true inspiration to so many firefighters, and dedicated founder and coach of both the FDNY Football and Brooklyn Mariner teams, Pudgie sacrificed much of his time attending to the betterment of our community.

Alfred J. Vigliante Way
Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein joined Councilman Jumaane Williams during a dedication of East 49th Street and Foster Avenue to honor East Flatbush Community Activist Alfred J. Vigliante. Friends and family of the WWII veteran and community activist were on hand for this momentous occasion.
NYPD Musical Ensemble
At a recent performance by the NYPD Musical Ensemble at Public School 206, Assemblywoman Weinstein thanked the officers, who work in precincts throughout the 5 boroughs, after they joyously demonstrated the common threads connecting music made years ago and the music the children listen to today.

FJCC Forum
Assemblywoman Weinstein addressed community leaders and the board of the FJCC, an organization representing the greater Flatbush Jewish community.
Neighborhood Policing
Jim Buchanan, President of the 63rd Precinct Community Council, and Assemblywoman Weinstein joined the new Neighborhood Coordination Officers serving our community as part of a NYPD Neighborhood Policing strategy, designed to bridge the gap between Police Officers and the communities they protect.

Flatlands Flatbush Civic Group Meeting
During the Flatlands Flatbush Civic Group’s Thanksgiving Celebration for the Community, Assemblywoman Weinstein wished everyone a happy holiday and donated a number of gift cards for those in need. The Assemblywoman outlined legislation she was working on, as well as programs coming to her Community Office.
PS 52 Summer Reading Challenge
Many children at Public School 52 participated in Assemblywoman Weinstein’s “Summer Reading Challenge,” reading over 40 hours over the summer break. The Assemblywoman distributed certificates to all the children who participated in the challenge.

Did You Know?
Assemblywoman Weinstein’s Community Office can help you fill out forms for various programs including, but not limited to:

Chancellor Carmine Farina
New York City School’s Chancellor Carmine Farina recently came to Assemblywoman Weinstein’s community office. They discussed growing needs for multilingual students in NYC Public Schools and increasing resources for both public and non-public schools.

New Traffic Improvements in Marine Park


Following numerous requests from Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein, Councilman Alan Maisel, elected officials, and community leaders, the New York City Department of Transportation has approved lifesaving traffic improvements in the greater Marine Park neighborhood. The new measures include newly installed all-way stop signs at the intersection of Avenue P and Ryder Street, and placement of a previously rejected left turn signal and sensor in the southbound left-turn bay on Gerritsen Avenue at Avenue U.

During a site visit to Avenue P requested by Helene Weinstein, DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg informed the Assemblywoman of the approvals. Joining them were Councilman Maisel, Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Keith Bray, agency engineers, and staff. The intersection has been the scene of multiple horrific accidents, one in which a young child was hit while waiting at his school bus stop. At Gerritsen Avenue and Avenue U, the DOT will be installing a small high-tech sensor under the street, which will provide a left turn signal only when cars are present in the turning bay. The installation, taking place in early 2018, will allow adequate time for cars to turn unimpeded, prevent the dangerous practice of racing the red and jumping the green, and keep the roadway free for emergency vehicles exiting the Fire Station location just North of Avenue U. Assemblywoman Weinstein has been submitting requests for this signal for two decades and is thrilled at the inclusion of both these improvements.

The all-way stop and roadway markings have already been installed at Ryder Street and Avenue P.

Keeping our Streets Safe
Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein often works with the NYC Department of Transportation to repair and improve dangerous and hazardous street conditions that negatively impact the quality of life and the safety of you and your neighbors. Some examples of the improvements made after intervention from the Assemblywoman this past year are:

Types of conditions we can help with include:

You can report hazardous conditions by contacting Assemblywoman Weinstein’s community office.

Community Hospital Family Room Opening
Yad Ephraim provides hospitalized individuals with visiting services and warm meals to lift their spirits. Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein, Senator Simcha Felder, and Councilman Chaim Deutsch were on hand as the organization celebrated their brand new service room at New York Community Hospital.
Flu Shots
This year’s annual flu shot program, in partnership with Mount Sinai Hospital Brooklyn, had a record turnout both in the Assemblywoman’s Community Office and at Philip Howard Houses.

PS 222 Summer Reading Challenge
Many children at Public School 222 participated in Assemblywoman Weinstein’s “Summer Reading Challenge,” reading over 40 hours over the summer break. The Assemblywoman distributed certificates to all the children who participated in the challenge.

Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce Anniversary Gala
Roy Hastick, Founder and President of The Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, welcomed Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein to their Annual Anniversary Gala, celebrating 32 years of valuable service to the community. Also on hand were Edmund Sadio, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and boardmember, Eda F. Harris Hastick.
Labor Day Concert for Seniors
Assemblywoman Weinstein enjoyed the singing talents of Choirs from the Midwood Active Adults Center and the Philip Howard Senior Center at the Annual Labor Day Concert for Seniors in Amersfort Park, an event she co-sponsors with Councilman Jumaane Williams.

Kings County South Civic Association
Kendrick Westcott, President of the Kings County South Civic Association, welcomed Assemblywoman Weinstein and Assemblyman Nick Perry as the group honored a number of distinguished community activists at their annual Pre-Thanksgiving Brunch.

Surveillance Camera Installations
Barbara McFadden, President of NYCHA’s Nostrand Houses Tenant Association thanked the Assemblywoman for the recent $2 million grant to both Nostrand and Sheepshead Houses, which resulted in the installation of surveillance cameras in every elevator, increasing safety for housing residents and their neighbors.
Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
At the Kings Bay YM-YWHA, Assemblywoman Weinstein joined Chinese-American members as they celebrated the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

Holocaust Remembrance
Bella Gubenko, President of the Association of East-European Jewry, presented Assemblywoman Weinstein with a book of stories written by local Russian-American students, during a somber ceremony at Holocaust Memorial Park.

Assemblywoman Weinstein Appointed Chair of Ways and Means
Already in the history books as the first female Chair of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein continues to pave the way for others with her recent appointment as the first woman to Chair the powerful Ways and Means Committee. The Committee has primary responsibility for all matters pertaining to the adoption of a State Budget, and all legislation introduced in the Assembly that would impact spending or revenues at the State or local level.

As Judiciary chair, she has led efforts to protect victims of domestic violence, sponsored major reforms in the state’s jury system, and been a leading proponent of ensuring legal services for low-income New Yorkers. She hopes to lend new perspective and solutions to the needs facing New York State families and communities.

A reliable green champion, who focuses on improving the lives and livelihoods of her constituents, it’s no surprise to long-time watchers that Assemblywoman Weinstein once again scored the highest possible score from EPL Environmental Advocates. “We are all excited that she is taking her strong green credentials with her as she moves to chair the powerful Ways and Means Committee,” said a representative.

In appointing the Assemblywoman, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said “her vast experience in the People’s House and extensive knowledge of the state budget process will guide the Assembly Majority as we continue to pursue our Families First agenda.”

NYC to Increase Zombie Property Enforcement
In 2016, legislation authored by Assemblywoman Weinstein was signed into law, forcing banks and lenders to maintain “zombie” properties before and during the foreclosure process thereby minimizing the negative effects vacant homes have on their communities and city resources.

In order to more diligently uphold this law, the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development recently launched the “Zombie Homes” Initiative, a special unit canvassing Brooklyn and Queens compiling an accurate list of all neglected foreclosed properties and making sure mortgage holders keep their promise to maintain abandoned and vacant properties.

The one-year pilot program was made possible by a $350,000 grant from the Local Initiatives Support Corporation; the product of settlement agreements between the NYS Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman and banks as a result of the foreclosure crisis.

The New York City Law Department is currently empowered to fine these lenders $500 a day per offense.

Assemblywoman Weinstein’s Community Office

3520 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11229 • (718) 648-4700
Monday – Thursday: 9:30 – 5:00 • Friday: 9:30 – 4:30

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