Book Festival 05/08/14--Paulette Bogan Drawing Demonstrations

At the Morningside Heights Library Book Festival, celebrated children's book author and illustrator Paulette Bogan entertained the audience with readings of two of her popular books, "Lulu the Big Little Chick" and "Chicks and Salsa." After the readings, Ms. Bogan invited audience members to come up with their own silly animal characters by combining three animals into one. Below are gifs of some of the crazy creations.

Wormaffebra (worm-giraffe-zebra)
Wormaffebra (worm-giraffe-zebra)
Birdertoe (bird-spider-mosquito) Birdertoe (bird-spider-mosquito)
Catofrog (cat-gecko-frog) Catofrog (cat-gecko-frog)

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