Assemblywoman Amy Paulin:
Getting results

Amy Paulin is fighting for what's important to you - quality, affordable health care
Cutting the cost of prescription drugs

To ensure people receive the best prices on their prescription drugs, Assemblywoman Paulin sponsored legislation providing competitive pricing information for the 25 most-commonly used medications (A.10991, passed Assembly). Drug prices are escalating at 3 to 4 times the rate of inflation and vary by retailer. The cost survey will show which stores have the lowest prices.

Improving assisted living

Assemblywoman Paulin sponsored New York's first assisted living law (Ch. 2 of 2004). The legislation:

  • Establishes that residents of assisted living facilities have the right to choose their own health care providers

  • Creates a 16-point resident bill of rights

  • Mandates that facilities must be licensed

Making health care information more available

Assemblywoman Paulin also sponsored legislation that passed the Assembly to educate the public on various health care procedures, conditions and treatment options (A.4273, passed Assembly). The bill would provide vital information on medical problems like ovarian and prostate cancer, as well as treatments such as blood transfusion options.


Assemblywoman Paulin
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