Assemblywoman Amy Paulin helped pass a fair, on-time budget that puts families first photo

Budget invests in schools, protects health care and property taxpayers
Reforming Medicaid to protect property taxpayers

The state budget includes a limit on the growth of local Medicaid costs, along with an acceleration of the state takeover of the Family Health Plus program costs.

The Assembly originally proposed a hard cap on Medicaid growth - which would have provided $7.8 million more in savings for Westchester County. This compromise, which provides Westchester $23.5 million, is a step toward easing the burden Medicaid places on local taxpayers.

Other steps to ensure quality health care while protecting taxpayers include:

  • scaling back the governor’s sick tax on nursing homes and cutting his tax on hospitals in half

  • creating a Commission on Health Care Facilities in the 21st Century to determine the best way to protect services by eliminating costly excess capacity in the state’s health care facilities

  • creating a preferred drug list with the strongest consumer protections in the nation

  • reducing the out-of-pocket expenses that the governor sought to impose on Family Health Plus enrollees through significantly higher co-pays

Providing more for local schools

The spending plan will provide schools in the 88th Assembly District with $32 million in operating aid, approximately $2 million more than last year.

The budget also restores the governor’s cuts for various expense-based aids, funds that local schools already spent in anticipation of state reimbursement for BOCES services, transportation costs and educating students with disabilities. The budget also provides:

  • high-need school districts with 5 percent more in building aid reimbursements to ensure our children a safe, modern environment where they can focus on learning

  • an additional $2.9 million for the state Comptroller’s office for additional audits to better ensure schools are spending tax dollars wisely

  • $2.5 million in aid for Westchester’s library system - a restoration of $128,000

Keeping higher education within reach for our families

The budget rejects the governor’s tuition increase and his plan for automatic hikes each year, as well as restorations to the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) - a program that has helped countless children from working families achieve their goal of a college education. The budget also increases aid for local community colleges by $115 per student, which will mean more than $1 million for Weschester Community College.

Budget AIMs funding at municipalities

The budget incorporated Paulin’s plan to increase funding for Aid to Municipalities (AIM). That means $10.6 million in aid for municipalities in the 88th Assembly District - nearly $1 million more than the governor proposed in his budget. This vital funding goes toward important services such as police and fire protection, garbage pickup and sanitation - helping preserve our families’ safety and quality of life, while keeping property taxes down.

"This year’s budget is an important victory for the families of New York. Working in an open manner, members of the Senate and Assembly crafted a fair and responsible budget that restores the governor’s cuts to health care, increases funding for schools and caps Medicaid costs to local governments - delivering a complete and balanced budget on time."

Assemblywoman Paulin
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